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The Task Object.

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Rex::Task - The Task Object


The Task Object. Typically you only need this class if you want to manipulate tasks after their initial creation.


use Rex::Task; # create a new task my $task = Rex::Task->new(name => "testtask"); $task->set_server("remoteserver"); $task->set_code(sub { say "Hello"; }); $task->modify("no_ssh", 1); # retrieve an existing task use Rex::TaskList; my $existing_task = Rex::TaskList->get_task('my_task');


new This is the constructor. $task = Rex::Task->new( func => sub { some_code_here }, server => [ @server ], desc => $description, no_ssh => $no_ssh, hidden => $hidden, auth => { user => $user, password => $password, private_key => $private_key, public_key => $public_key, }, before => [sub {}, sub {}, ...], after => [sub {}, sub {}, ...], around => [sub {}, sub {}, ...], before_task_start => [sub {}, sub {}, ...], after_task_finished => [sub {}, sub {}, ...], name => $task_name, executor => Rex::Interface::Executor->create, opts => {key1 => val1, key2 => val2, ...}, args => [arg1, arg2, ...], ); connection Returns the current connection object. executor Returns the current executor object. hidden Returns true if the task is hidden. (Should not be displayed on ,,rex -T''.) server Returns the servers on which the task should be executed as an ArrayRef. set_server(@server) With this method you can set new servers on which the task should be executed on. delete_server Delete every server registered to the task. current_server Returns the current server on which the tasks gets executed right now. desc Returns the description of a task. set_desc($description) Set the description of a task. is_remote Returns true (1) if the task will be executed remotely. is_local Returns true (1) if the task gets executed on the local host. is_http Returns true (1) if the task gets executed over http protocol. is_https Returns true (1) if the task gets executed over https protocol. is_openssh Returns true (1) if the task gets executed with openssh. want_connect Returns true (1) if the task will establish a connection to a remote system. get_connection_type This method tries to guess the right connection type for the task and returns it. Current return values are below: · SSH: connect to the remote server using Net::SSH2 · OpenSSH: connect to the remote server using Net::OpenSSH · Local: runs locally (without any connections) · HTTP: uses experimental HTTP connection · HTTPS: uses experimental HTTPS connection · Fake: populate the connection properties, but do not connect So you can use this type to iterate over a list of remote hosts, but don't let rex build a connection. For example if you want to use Sys::Virt or other modules. modify($key, $value) With this method you can modify values of the task. rethink_connection Deletes current connection object. user Returns the username the task will use. set_user($user) Set the username of a task. password Returns the password that will be used. set_password($password) Set the password of the task. name Returns the name of the task. code Returns the code of the task. set_code(\&code_ref) Set the code of the task. run_hook($server, $hook) This method is used internally to execute the specified hooks. set_auth($key, $value) Set the authentication of the task. $task->set_auth("user", "foo"); $task->set_auth("password", "bar"); merge_auth($server) Merges the authentication information from $server into the task. Tasks authentication information have precedence. get_sudo_password Returns the sudo password. parallelism Get the parallelism count of a task. set_parallelism($count) Set the parallelism of the task. connect($server) Initiate the connection to $server. disconnect Disconnect from the current connection. get_data Dump task data. run($server, %options) Run the task on $server, with %options. modify_task($task, $key => $value) Modify $task, by setting $key to $value. is_task Returns true(1) if the passed object is a task. get_tasks Returns list of tasks. get_desc Returns description of task. exit_on_connect_fail Returns true if rex should exit on connect failure. set_exit_on_connect_fail Sets if rex should exit on connect failure. get_args Returns arguments of task. get_opts Returns options of task. set_args Sets arguments for task. set_opt Sets an option for task. set_opts Sets options for task. clone Clones a task.
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