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Collect linux file statistics.

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NAME Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats - Collect linux file statistics.
SYNOPSIS use Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats; my $lxs = Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats->new; my $stat = $lxs->get;
DESCRIPTION Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats gathers file statistics from the virtual /proc filesystem (procfs). For more information read the documentation of the front-end module Sys::Statistics::Linux.
FILE STATISTICS Generated by /proc/sys/fs/file-nr, /proc/sys/fs/inode-nr and /proc/sys/fs/dentry-state. fhalloc - Number of allocated file handles. fhfree - Number of free file handles. fhmax - Number of maximum file handles. inalloc - Number of allocated inodes. infree - Number of free inodes. inmax - Number of maximum inodes. dentries - Dirty directory cache entries. unused - Free diretory cache size. agelimit - Time in seconds the dirty cache entries can be reclaimed. wantpages - Pages that are requested by the system when memory is short.
METHODS new() Call "new()" to create a new object. my $lxs = Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats->new; It's possible to set the path to the proc filesystem. Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats->new( files => { # This is the default path => '/proc', file_nr => 'sys/fs/file-nr', inode_nr => 'sys/fs/inode-nr', dentries => 'sys/fs/dentry-state', } ); get() Call "get()" to get the statistics. "get()" returns the statistics as a hash reference. my $stat = $lxs->get;
EXPORTS No exports.
SEE ALSO proc(5)
REPORTING BUGS Please report all bugs to <jschulz.cpan(at)>.
AUTHOR Jonny Schulz <jschulz.cpan(at)>.
perl v5.20.2 2015-06-07 Sys::Statistics::Linux::FileStats(3pm)
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