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AAT User module.

AAT::User(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation AAT::User(3)


AAT::User - AAT User module


Authentication($appli, $login, $pwd) Check Authentication from Users file and LDAP Users Add($appli, $login, $pwd, $certificate, $role, $lang, $status, $type) Adds user with '$login', '$pwd', '$role' and '$lang' Remove($appli, $login) Removes User with login '$login' Update($appli, $login, $type, $update) Updates user '$login' with configuration '$update' Restrictions($appli, $login, $type) Returns User Restrictions for User '$login' Update_Restrictions($appli, $login, $type, $restrictions) Updates restrictions '$restrictions' to user '$login' List($appli) Lists all Users (from file & LDAP) Configuration($appli, $login, $type) Returns configuration for user '$login' Configurations($appli, $sort) Returns configurations for all Users Enabled($user) Returns 1 if user status is 'Enabled' or not defined, else returns 0. Roles_Init($appli) Inits Users Roles Roles_Configurations($appli) Returns Users Roles Configurations Role_Name($appli, $role) Returns name of a role


AAT(3), AAT::DB(3), AAT::Syslog(3), AAT::Theme(3), AAT::Translation(3), AAT::XML(3)


Sebastien Thebert <>
perl v5.22.2 2016-05-04 AAT::User(3)
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