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Return POSIX pathconf information.

July 24, 1996
VOP_PATHCONF(9)                   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual                   VOP_PATHCONF(9)

NAME VOP_PATHCONF — return POSIX pathconf information
SYNOPSIS #include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/vnode.h> #include <sys/unistd.h> int VOP_PATHCONF(struct vnode *vp, int name, int *retval);
DESCRIPTION The arguments are: vp The vnode to get information about. name The type of information to return. retval The place to return the information. The value of name specifies what should be returned: _PC_LINK_MAX The maximum number of links to a file. _PC_NAME_MAX The maximum number of bytes in a file name. _PC_PATH_MAX The maximum number of bytes in a pathname. _PC_PIPE_BUF The maximum number of bytes which will be written atomically to a pipe. _PC_CHOWN_RESTRICTED Return 1 if appropriate privileges are required for the chown(2) sys‐ tem call, otherwise 0. _PC_NO_TRUNC Return 1 if file names longer than KERN_NAME_MAX are truncated.
RETURN VALUES If name is recognized, *retval is set to the specified value and zero is returned, otherwise EINVAL is returned.
SEE ALSO pathconf(2), vnode(9)
AUTHORS This manual page was written by Doug Rabson.
BSD July 24, 1996 BSD
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VOP_PATHCONF(9freebsd) referred by vnode(9freebsd)
refer to chown(2) | pathconf(2freebsd) | vnode(9freebsd)