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Base class used to implement std::char_traits.

Tue Mar 10 2020
__gnu_cxx::char_traits< _CharT >(3cxx) __gnu_cxx::char_traits< _CharT >(3cxx)


__gnu_cxx::char_traits< _CharT > - Base class used to implement std::char_traits.


Inherited by std::char_traits< _CharT >. Public Types typedef _CharT char_type typedef _Char_types< _CharT >::int_type int_type typedef _Char_types< _CharT >::off_type off_type typedef _Char_types< _CharT >::pos_type pos_type typedef _Char_types< _CharT >::state_type state_type Static Public Member Functions static _GLIBCXX14_CONSTEXPR void assign (char_type &__c1, const char_type &__c2) static char_type * assign (char_type *__s, std::size_t __n, char_type __a) static _GLIBCXX14_CONSTEXPR int compare (const char_type *__s1, const char_type *__s2, std::size_t __n) static char_type * copy (char_type *__s1, const char_type *__s2, std::size_t __n) static constexpr int_type eof () static constexpr bool eq (const char_type &__c1, const char_type &__c2) static constexpr bool eq_int_type (const int_type &__c1, const int_type &__c2) static _GLIBCXX14_CONSTEXPR const char_type * find (const char_type *__s, std::size_t __n, const char_type &__a) static _GLIBCXX14_CONSTEXPR std::size_t length (const char_type *__s) static constexpr bool lt (const char_type &__c1, const char_type &__c2) static char_type * move (char_type *__s1, const char_type *__s2, std::size_t __n) static constexpr int_type not_eof (const int_type &__c) static constexpr char_type to_char_type (const int_type &__c) static constexpr int_type to_int_type (const char_type &__c) Detailed Description template<typename _CharT> struct __gnu_cxx::char_traits< _CharT >" Base class used to implement std::char_traits. Note: For any given actual character type, this definition is probably wrong. (Most of the member functions are likely to be right, but the int_type and state_type typedefs, and the eof() member function, are likely to be wrong.) The reason this class exists is so users can specialize it. Classes in namespace std may not be specialized for fundamental types, but classes in namespace __gnu_cxx may be. See for advice on how to make use of this class for unusual character types. Also, check out include/ext/pod_char_traits.h. Definition at line 87 of file char_traits.h. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code.
libstdc++ Tue Mar 10 2020 __gnu_cxx::char_traits< _CharT >(3cxx)
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