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Mon Jan 18 2016
__gnu_cxx::encoding_char_traits< _CharT >(3cxx)   __gnu_cxx::encoding_char_traits< _CharT >(3cxx)


__gnu_cxx::encoding_char_traits< _CharT > -


Inherits std::char_traits< _CharT >. Public Types typedef _CharT char_type typedef _Char_types< _CharT >::int_type int_type typedef _Char_types< _CharT >::off_type off_type typedef std::fpos< state_type > pos_type typedef encoding_state state_type Static Public Member Functions static void assign (char_type &__c1, const char_type &__c2) static char_type * assign (char_type *__s, std::size_t __n, char_type __a) static int compare (const char_type *__s1, const char_type *__s2, std::size_t __n) static char_type * copy (char_type *__s1, const char_type *__s2, std::size_t __n) static constexpr int_type eof () static constexpr bool eq (const char_type &__c1, const char_type &__c2) static constexpr bool eq_int_type (const int_type &__c1, const int_type &__c2) static const char_type * find (const char_type *__s, std::size_t __n, const char_type &__a) static std::size_t length (const char_type *__s) static constexpr bool lt (const char_type &__c1, const char_type &__c2) static char_type * move (char_type *__s1, const char_type *__s2, std::size_t __n) static constexpr int_type not_eof (const int_type &__c) static constexpr char_type to_char_type (const int_type &__c) static constexpr int_type to_int_type (const char_type &__c)

Detailed Description

template<typename _CharT>struct __gnu_cxx::encoding_char_traits< _CharT > encoding_char_traits Definition at line 212 of file codecvt_specializations.h.


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