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Tue Mar 10 2020
__gnu_cxx::slist< _Tp, _Alloc >(3cxx) __gnu_cxx::slist< _Tp, _Alloc >(3cxx)


__gnu_cxx::slist< _Tp, _Alloc >


Inherits __gnu_cxx::_Slist_base< _Tp, _Alloc >. Public Types typedef _Base::allocator_type allocator_type typedef _Slist_iterator< _Tp, const _Tp &, const _Tp * > const_iterator typedef const value_type * const_pointer typedef const value_type & const_reference typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type typedef _Slist_iterator< _Tp, _Tp &, _Tp * > iterator typedef value_type * pointer typedef value_type & reference typedef size_t size_type typedef _Tp value_type Public Member Functions slist (const allocator_type &__a=allocator_type()) slist (size_type __n, const value_type &__x, const allocator_type &__a=allocator_type()) slist (size_type __n) template<class _InputIterator > slist (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last, const allocator_type &__a=allocator_type()) slist (const slist &__x) template<class _Integer > void _M_assign_dispatch (_Integer __n, _Integer __val, __true_type) template<class _InputIterator > void _M_assign_dispatch (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last, __false_type) void _M_fill_assign (size_type __n, const _Tp &__val) void assign (size_type __n, const _Tp &__val) template<class _InputIterator > void assign (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last) iterator before_begin () const_iterator before_begin () const iterator begin () const_iterator begin () const void clear () bool empty () const iterator end () const_iterator end () const iterator erase (iterator __pos) iterator erase (iterator __first, iterator __last) iterator erase_after (iterator __pos) iterator erase_after (iterator __before_first, iterator __last) reference front () const_reference front () const allocator_type get_allocator () const iterator insert (iterator __pos, const value_type &__x) iterator insert (iterator __pos) void insert (iterator __pos, size_type __n, const value_type &__x) template<class _InIterator > void insert (iterator __pos, _InIterator __first, _InIterator __last) iterator insert_after (iterator __pos, const value_type &__x) iterator insert_after (iterator __pos) void insert_after (iterator __pos, size_type __n, const value_type &__x) template<class _InIterator > void insert_after (iterator __pos, _InIterator __first, _InIterator __last) size_type max_size () const void merge (slist &__x) template<class _StrictWeakOrdering > void merge (slist &, _StrictWeakOrdering) slist & operator= (const slist &__x) void pop_front () iterator previous (const_iterator __pos) const_iterator previous (const_iterator __pos) const void push_front (const value_type &__x) void push_front () void remove (const _Tp &__val) template<class _Predicate > void remove_if (_Predicate __pred) void resize (size_type new_size, const _Tp &__x) void resize (size_type new_size) void reverse () size_type size () const void sort () template<class _StrictWeakOrdering > void sort (_StrictWeakOrdering __comp) void splice (iterator __pos, slist &__x) void splice (iterator __pos, slist &__x, iterator __i) void splice (iterator __pos, slist &__x, iterator __first, iterator __last) void splice_after (iterator __pos, iterator __before_first, iterator __before_last) void splice_after (iterator __pos, iterator __prev) void splice_after (iterator __pos, slist &__x) void swap (slist &__x) void unique () template<class _BinaryPredicate > void unique (_BinaryPredicate __pred) Private Types typedef _Alloc::template rebind< _Slist_node< _Tp > >::other _Node_alloc Private Member Functions _Slist_node_base * _M_erase_after (_Slist_node_base *__pos) _Slist_node_base * _M_erase_after (_Slist_node_base *, _Slist_node_base *) _Slist_node< _Tp > * _M_get_node () void _M_put_node (_Slist_node< _Tp > *__p) Private Attributes _Slist_node_base _M_head Detailed Description template<class _Tp, class _Alloc = allocator<_Tp>> class __gnu_cxx::slist< _Tp, _Alloc >" This is an SGI extension. Todo Needs documentation! See Definition at line 292 of file slist. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code.
libstdc++ Tue Mar 10 2020 __gnu_cxx::slist< _Tp, _Alloc >(3cxx)
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