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Mon Jan 18 2016
__gnu_cxx::stdio_sync_filebuf< _CharT, _Tra__gnu_cxx::stdio_sync_filebuf< _CharT, _Traits >(3cxx)


__gnu_cxx::stdio_sync_filebuf< _CharT, _Traits > -


Inherits basic_streambuf< _CharT, _Traits >. Public Types typedef _CharT char_type typedef traits_type::int_type int_type typedef traits_type::off_type off_type typedef traits_type::pos_type pos_type typedef _Traits traits_type Public Member Functions stdio_sync_filebuf (std::__c_file *__f) std::__c_file *const file () Protected Member Functions virtual int_type overflow (int_type __c=traits_type::eof()) virtual int_type pbackfail (int_type __c=traits_type::eof()) virtual std::streampos seekoff (std::streamoff __off, std::ios_base::seekdir __dir, std::ios_base::openmode=std::ios_base::in|std::ios_base::out) virtual std::streampos seekpos (std::streampos __pos, std::ios_base::openmode __mode=std::ios_base::in|std::ios_base::out) virtual int sync () int_type syncgetc () template<> stdio_sync_filebuf< char >::int_type syncgetc () template<> stdio_sync_filebuf< wchar_t >::int_type syncgetc () int_type syncputc (int_type __c) template<> stdio_sync_filebuf< char >::int_type syncputc (int_type __c) template<> stdio_sync_filebuf< wchar_t >::int_type syncputc (int_type __c) int_type syncungetc (int_type __c) template<> stdio_sync_filebuf< char >::int_type syncungetc (int_type __c) template<> stdio_sync_filebuf< wchar_t >::int_type syncungetc (int_type __c) virtual int_type uflow () virtual int_type underflow () virtual std::streamsize xsgetn (char_type *__s, std::streamsize __n) template<> std::streamsize xsgetn (char *__s, std::streamsize __n) template<> std::streamsize xsgetn (wchar_t *__s, std::streamsize __n) virtual std::streamsize xsputn (const char_type *__s, std::streamsize __n) template<> std::streamsize xsputn (const char *__s, std::streamsize __n) template<> std::streamsize xsputn (const wchar_t *__s, std::streamsize __n)

Detailed Description

template<typename _CharT, typename _Traits = std::char_traits<_CharT>>class __gnu_cxx::stdio_sync_filebuf< _CharT, _Traits > Provides a layer of compatibility for C. This GNU extension provides extensions for working with standard C FILE*'s. It must be instantiated by the user with the type of character used in the file stream, e.g., stdio_filebuf<char>. Definition at line 57 of file stdio_sync_filebuf.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits = std::char_traits<_CharT>> std::__c_file* const __gnu_cxx::stdio_sync_filebuf< _CharT, _Traits >::file () [inline] Returns: The underlying FILE*. This function can be used to access the underlying C file pointer. Note that there is no way for the library to track what you do with the file, so be careful. Definition at line 89 of file stdio_sync_filebuf.h.


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