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__gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber(3cxx)                           __gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber(3cxx)


__gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber -


Public Member Functions _RandomNumber () _RandomNumber (uint32_t __seed, uint64_t _M_supremum=0x100000000ULL) unsigned long __genrand_bits (int __bits) uint32_t operator() () uint32_t operator() (uint64_t local_supremum)

Detailed Description

Random number generator, based on the Mersenne twister. Definition at line 42 of file random_number.h. Constructor & Destructor Documentation __gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber::_RandomNumber () [inline] Default constructor. Seed with 0. Definition at line 74 of file random_number.h. __gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber::_RandomNumber (uint32_t __seed, uint64_t _M_supremum = 0x100000000ULL) [inline] Constructor. Parameters: __seed Random __seed. _M_supremum Generate integer random numbers in the interval [0,_M_supremum). Definition at line 85 of file random_number.h.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned long __gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber::__genrand_bits (int __bits) [inline] Generate a number of random bits, run-time parameter. Parameters: __bits Number of bits to generate. Definition at line 109 of file random_number.h. uint32_t __gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber::operator() () [inline] Generate unsigned random 32-bit integer. Definition at line 94 of file random_number.h. uint32_t __gnu_parallel::_RandomNumber::operator() (uint64_t local_supremum) [inline] Generate unsigned random 32-bit integer in the interval [0,local_supremum). Definition at line 100 of file random_number.h.


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