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Mon Jan 18 2016
__gnu_parallel::__unary_negate< __gnu_parallel::__unary_negate<x_Predicate, argument_type >(3cxx)

NAME __gnu_parallel::__unary_negate< _Predicate, argument_type > -
SYNOPSIS Inherits std::unary_function< argument_type, bool >. Public Types typedef argument_type argument_type typedef bool result_type Public Member Functions __unary_negate (const _Predicate &__x) bool operator() (const argument_type &__x) Protected Attributes _Predicate _M_pred
Detailed Description template<typename _Predicate, typename argument_type>class __gnu_parallel::__unary_negate< _Predicate, argument_type > Similar to std::unary_negate, but giving the argument types explicitly. Definition at line 173 of file parallel/base.h.
Member Typedef Documentation typedef argument_type std::unary_function< argument_type , bool >::argument_type [inherited] argument_type is the type of the argument Definition at line 106 of file stl_function.h. typedef bool std::unary_function< argument_type , bool >::result_type [inherited] result_type is the return type Definition at line 109 of file stl_function.h.
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