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Base type for PATRICIA trees.

Tue Mar 10 2020
__gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base(3cxx) __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base(3cxx)


__gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base - Base type for PATRICIA trees.


Inherited by __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_map< Key, Mapped, Node_And_It_Traits, _Alloc >. Classes class _CIter Const iterator. struct _Head Head node for PATRICIA tree. struct _Inode Internal node type, PATRICIA tree. class _Iter Iterator. struct _Leaf Leaf node for PATRICIA tree. struct _Metadata Metadata base primary template. struct _Metadata< null_type, _Alloc > Specialization for null metadata. struct _Node_base Node base. class _Node_citer Node const iterator. class _Node_iter Node iterator. Public Types enum node_type { i_node, leaf_node, head_node } Three types of nodes. " Detailed Description Base type for PATRICIA trees. Definition at line 51 of file pat_trie_base.hpp. Member Enumeration Documentation enum __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base::node_type Three types of nodes. i_node is used by _Inode, leaf_node by _Leaf, and head_node by _Head. Definition at line 58 of file pat_trie_base.hpp. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code.
libstdc++ Tue Mar 10 2020 __gnu_pbds::detail::pat_trie_base(3cxx)
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