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Attempts the conversion of lyrics file into chordii input.

July 2009
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a2crd - attempts the conversion of lyrics file into chordii input


a2crd [ options...] [ filename... ]


a2crd reads the lyrics of one songs from a file, and attempts to produce a output suitable for chordii. Chord names can appear above or below the lyrics. a2crd will embed those names into the lyrics. The FAQ list of alt.guitar documents the way a ascii file should look, but this format is not recognized by everyone, or fully enforced. Thus, it is impossible to modify chordii itself to read *any* type of ascii input and produce good result. a2crd tries its best to to do the tedious conversion job. a2crd attempts to recognize mail/news headers, and comments them out. It preserves as is any line starting with a '{', which would indicates a chordii command. It also preserves any lines starting with a '#'. a2crd prepends to the output the content of a file called $HOME/.a2crdsig, if it exists. The first line that is not a comment is assumed to be the title of the song. The nest lines until a blank one are assumed to be sub-titles.


-r ratio Sets the threshold for chordii line recognition. a2crd looks at every line. If the ratio ( space_characters / (non-space_characters) is greater than ratio, the line will be recognized as a chordii line, and its content will be merge with the next available text line. The ratio has a initial value of 1. It is defined as a float‐ ing precision value. -D Prints debugging information. For programmers only. -o filename Sends output to filename See Also chordii(l)
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