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Ascii art jugglemaster.

September 24, 2007
aajm(1)                              General Commands Manual                              aajm(1)

NAME aajm - ascii art jugglemaster
SYNOPSIS aajm [options]
DESCRIPTION Uses ascii art (aalib) to display a juggler in action juggling three balls by default. After being started aajm will present you a juggler in action. Pressing the `h' key will show a self-explaining help menu. It can be terminated by pressing the `q' key.
OPTIONS -s, --siteswap <siteswap> Use given siteswap as pattern. If you do not know what a siteswap is, please have a look at -t, --style <style> Use given style. Valid values are Normal, Reverse, Shower, Mills Mess, Center, Windmill and Random. -i, --ipc and -p, --port <number> These options are only useful when having the ipc client which is currently not part of this package. -h, --help Print help. -a, --aahelp Print help regarding aalib options.
SEE ALSO jmdlx(1)
AUTHOR aajm was written by Gary Briggs. It is based on jmlib, which was written by Per Johan Persson, Gary Briggs and Ken Matsuoka. This manual page was written by Helmut Grohne <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).
September 24, 2007 aajm(1)
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