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Monitor new versions of a software library and try to build them.

November 2016


abi-monitor - monitor new versions of a software library and try to build them


NAME: ABI Monitor (abi-monitor) Monitor and build new versions of a C/C++ software library DESCRIPTION: ABI Tracker is a tool to monitor new versions of a software library, try to build them and create profile for ABI Tracker. The tool is intended to be used with the ABI Tracker tool for visualizing API/ABI changes timeline. This tool is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU LGPL or GNU GPL. USAGE: abi-monitor [options] [profile] EXAMPLES: abi-monitor -get -build profile.json INFORMATION OPTIONS: -h|-help Print this help. -dumpversion Print the tool version (1.10) and don't do anything else. GENERAL OPTIONS: -get Download new library versions. -build Build library versions. -rebuild Re-build library versions. -limit NUM Limit number of operations to NUM. This is useful if you want to download or build only NUM packages. -v NUM Build only one particular version. -output PATH Path to output profile. The tool will overwrite the input profile by default. -build-shared Build shared objects from static ones if they cannot be build by the library make‐ file or build script. -build-new Build newly found packages only. This option should be used with -get option. -debug Enable debug messages. ABI Monitor 1.10 A tool to monitor new versions of a software library Copyright © 2016 Andrey Ponomarenko's ABI Laboratory License: GPL or LGPL Usage: abi-monitor [options] [profile] Example: abi-monitor -get -build profile.json More info: abi-monitor --help


This manual page was written by Peter Spiess-Knafl <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
abi-monitor November 2016 ABI-MONITOR(1)
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