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Xymon CGI script to acknowledge alerts.

Version 4.3.28: 17 Jan 2017
ACKINFO.CGI(1) General Commands Manual ACKINFO.CGI(1)


ackinfo.cgi - Xymon CGI script to acknowledge alerts




ackinfo.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the CGI wrapper. ackinfo.cgi is used to acknowledge an alert on the Xymon "Critical Systems" view, gener‐ ated by the criticalview.cgi(1) utility. This allows the staff viewing the Critical Sys‐ tems view to acknowledge alerts with a "Level 1" alert, thereby removing the alert from the Critical Systems view. Note that the Level 1 alert generated by the ackinfo.cgi utility does NOT stop alerts from being sent. In a future version of Xymon (after Xymon 4.2), this utility will also be used for acknowledging alerts at other levels.


--level=NUMBER Sets the acknowledgment level. This is typically used to force a specific level of the acknowledgment, e.g. a level 1 acknowledge when called from the Critical Sys‐ tems view. --validity=TIME Sets the validity of the acknowledgment. By default this is taken from the CGI parameters supplied by the user. --sender=STRING Logs STRING as the sender of the acknowledgment. By default, this is taken from the loginname of the webuser sending the acknowledgment. --env=FILENAME Loads the environment defined in FILENAME before executing the CGI script. --area=NAME Load environment variables for a specific area. NB: if used, this option must appear before any --env=FILENAME option. --debug Enables debugging output.


XYMONHOME Used to locate the template files for the generated web pages. QUERY_STRING Contains the parameters for the CGI script.


criticalview.cgi(1), xymon(7)
Xymon Version 4.3.28: 17 Jan 2017 ACKINFO.CGI(1)
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