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View or set an object's mask for right inheritance.

May 2003
ACL_MASK(1)                                  acl_mask                                 ACL_MASK(1)

NAME acl_mask - View or set an object's mask for right inheritance
SYNOPSIS attr_set_fd [-vrpsbn] [-Vversion] {rights} {target-type} [file/dirname(s)]
DESCRIPTION Using this utility you can view or set an object's general ACL mask.
OPTIONS -v verbose output -r recurse into subdirs -p print right names -s set mask, not get -b backup mode -n list valid SCD names -V version supply RSBAC integer version number for upgrading rights list of space-separated right names (requests and ACL specials), also request groups: R (read requests), RW (read-write), SY (system), SE (security), A (all) and S (ACL special rights) target-type One of possible RSBAC target types: FILE, DIR, FIFO, SYMLINK, DEV, SCD, NETDEV NET‐ TEMP_NT, NETTEMP, NETOBJ or FD. (FD: lets program decide between FILE, DIR, FIFO and SYMLINK, no DEV)
AUTHOR Amon Ott <>.
Rule Set Based Access Control May 2003 ACL_MASK(1)