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Task automation.

August 2011
actiona(1)                                Actiona Manual                               actiona(1)

NAME Actiona - Task automation
SYNOPSIS actiona actiona -s|-t|-E|-C|-Q|-e|-x|-p|-v|-h <filename>
DESCRIPTION Actiona is an application that allows you to execute many actions on your computer such as emulating mouse clicks, key presses, showing message boxes, editing text files, etc.
OPTIONS -h, --help Displays a listing of these commandline options. -p, --portable Starts in portable mode, storing the settings in the executable folder. -x, --exitatend Close Actiona after execution, requires -e -e, --execute Execute the current script. -Q, --nocodeqt Do not include the Qt library into the code. -C, --noconsolewindow Do not show the console window. -E, --noexecutionwindow Do not show the execution window. -t, --notrayicon Disable the tray icon. -s, --nosplash Disable the splash screen. -v, --version Displays the version number of Actiona.
SUPPORT Please visit for further information. Report bugs only if you are using the latest version available from the Actiona website.
August 2011 actiona(1)