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ADD_BUG_TO_ESTRAIER(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation ADD_BUG_TO_ESTRAIER(1p)


add_bug_to_estraier -- add a bug log to an estraier database


add_bug_to_estraier [options] < list_of_bugs_to_add Options: --url, -u url to estraier node --user, -U user to log into the estraier node --pass, -P password for the estraier node --spool, -s spool location --conf, -c addbug configuration file --cron add all bugs to estraier --timestamp bug timestamp file --debug, -d debugging level (Default 0) --help, -h display this help --man, -m display manual


--url, -u Url to the estraier node --user,-U User to log onto the estraier node --pass,-P Password to log onto the estraier node --spool,-s Spool location; if not set defaults to /etc/debbugs/config --conf,-C Configuration file; a set of key = value pairs separated by newlines; the long name of any option is the name that the configuration file takes --cron Descend through the spool and add all of the bugs to estraier --timestamp Use the timestamp file to only add new bugs; will lock the timestamp file to avoid racing with other invocations --debug, -d Debug verbosity. (Default 0) --help, -h Display brief useage information. --man, -m Display this manual.


test_bts --bug 7 --host


estcmd create -si -xh3 -attr status str -attr subject str \ -attr date num -attr submitter str -attr package str \ -attr severity str -attr tags str bts
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