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Password utility for the GNU Gatekeeper.

August 7, 2011
ADDPASSWD(1)                       BSD General Commands Manual                       ADDPASSWD(1)

NAME addpasswd — Password utility for the GNU Gatekeeper
SYNOPSIS addpasswd config-file section user password
DESCRIPTION Addpasswd is a tool to encrypt passwords for use in the GNU Gatekeeper config file. Please note that this is a rather weak encryption that is easy to break for a determined attacker.
OPTIONS config-file Specify the configuration file to use. section Specify which section to write the password to. user The user name. password The password to encode for this user.
FILES /etc/gatekeeper.ini
AUTHORS The project coordinator is Jan Willamowius <>.
SEE ALSO gnugk(1) (and HTML manual) Project homepage: Manual for latest release: Commercial support:
BSD August 7, 2011 BSD
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