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A Free Role Playing Game engine.

Adonthell(6)                               Games Manual                              Adonthell(6)

NAME Adonthell - a Free Role Playing Game engine.
SYNOPSIS adonthell [options] files ...
DESCRIPTION Adonthell is a Free graphical role playing game engine. This program is used to run Adonthell games - therefore you need one game installed in order to play something.
OPTIONS -h, Print help message. -v, Print version and exit. -d, Print the data directory and exit (for developers). -l, List installed games and exit. -g dir , play the game contained in dir (for developers). -c, Byte-compile all Python scripts in this directory (for developers).
AUTHOR This manual page was written by Alexandre Courbot <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).