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Display an aewan document.

March 2005
aecat(1)                             General Commands Manual                             aecat(1)

NAME aecat - display an aewan document
SYNOPSIS aecat [-b] [-c] [-{n|N}] [{-p | -l <layer_num>}] [-f <format>] [-o <output_file>] input‐ file
DESCRIPTION This is an utility program that will convert an aewan document to ANSI escape sequences so that it can be rendered on a standard terminal. Alternatively, it can also generate HTML code for displaying the document in a web page. Any particular layer of the document may be converted, or you may request a composite of all layers.
OPTIONS -f specifies output format - can "text", "html" or "comment". Default is "text". The "comment" format extracts document metadata. -c prepend a 'clear screen' escape sequence (only valid when outputting text). -o<file> writes output to specified file rather than stdout -b disables output of color (only characters will be printed). -l<layer_no> specifies which layer of the document is to be used (must be an index, not a layer name). By default, layer 0 will be used. -L displays the number of layers in the file. -p exports a composite, that is, overlays all visible layers, paying attention to layer transparency, etc. The size of the composite will be the size of the first layer -n suppress output of newlines -h prints a short help text
AUTHORS This program is part of the Aewan Ascii Art Editor package. See aewan(1) for author information.
LICENSE Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Bruno Takahashi C. de Oliveira. All rights reserved. This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or, at your option, any later version. For full license information, please refer to the COPYING file that accompanies the program.
SEE ALSO aewan(1), aewan(5), aemakeflic(1)
aecat (Aewan Ascii Art Editor) March 2005 aecat(1)
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