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Programs for use with aewm(1x).



aemenu, aepanel, aesession, switch-desk - programs for use with aewm(1x)


aemenu [--config|-rc <file>] [-s|--switch] aepanel [--config|-rc <file>] [-b|--bottom] aesession aedesk [-n <num>] [[+|-]<num>]


The programs listed above provide several window and session management features to com‐ plement aewm(1x). aemenu and aepanel launch programs and raise existing windows (or unhide iconified ones). aemenu uses a popup menu to accomplish this (the --switch option changes the function of this menu), while aepanel stays on the screen inbetween uses (launching and switching functionality are both always available). Each program comes in both a GTK+ and a Xaw version; aemenu is actually a symlink to either aemenu-gtk or aemenu-xaw (likewise for aepanel). The list of programs to be run by both clients is read from $HOME/.aewm/clientsrc. There are two kinds of directives that may be used in this file: cmd "Description" "command" defines a command, which whill be interpreted by sh(1). menu "Title" (...) end defines a submenu. The number of submenus that can be nested within each other is limited only by stack space. Double quotes may be included within quoted strings by escaping them with a blackslash (\"), and quotes may be omitted around single-word descriptions or com‐ mands. Blank lines and lines starting with '#' are ignored. aesession is a do-nothing program; it will simply reap any children it inherits and then sleep. By ending your $HOME/.xsession script with "exec aesession", you can exit and restart aewm(1x) without killing your X session. The author does not really expect anyone except WM hackers to find this useful. aedesk changes to a new virtual desktop, specfied by num, or sets the number of available desktops, with -n.






Decklin Foster <> Adam Sampson <>
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