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Allegro 5 API.

al_apply_window_constraints(3alleg5) al_apply_window_constraints(3alleg5)


al_apply_window_constraints - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h> void al_apply_window_constraints(ALLEGRO_DISPLAY *display, bool onoff)


Enable or disable previously set constraints by al_set_window_constraints(3alleg5) func‐ tion. If enabled, the specified display will be automatically resized to new sizes to conform constraints in next cases: · The specified display is resizable, not maximized and is not in fullscreen mode. · If the appropriate current display size (width or height) is less than the value of con‐ straint. Applied to minimum constraints. · If the appropriate current display size (width or height) is greater than the value of constraint. Applied to maximum constraints. Constrains are not applied when a display is toggle from windowed to maximized or fullscreen modes. When a display is toggle from maximized/fullscreen to windowed mode, then the display may be resized as described above. The later case is also possible when a user drags the maximized display via mouse. If disabled, the specified display will stop using constraints.


al_get_window_constraints(3alleg5), al_set_window_constraints(3alleg5)
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al_apply_window_constraints(3alleg5) referred by al_set_window_constraints(3alleg5)
refer to al_get_window_constraints(3alleg5) | al_set_window_constraints(3alleg5)
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