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Interactive software sky atlas.

Dec 2017
ALADIN(1) Virtual Observatory ALADIN(1)


aladin - interactive software sky atlas


aladin [options...] [filenames...] aladin -hipsgen|-mocgen [-h] [options...] aladin -help|-version


aladin is an interactive sky atlas for viewing astronomical images in the online Virtual Observatory (VO) developed by the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS). It is possible to superimpose entries from astronomical catalogues or databases with remotely accessed data fetched on demand. Aladin can also open and save to a large number of astronomical image formats (FITS, HEALPix, JPEG/GIF/PNG/...); and table formats (FITS, VO-Table, CSV/TSV, S-extractor, IPAC- TBL, Skycat, ASCII, ...). This manual describes only the command line parameters of aladin. The possibilities of the graphical user interface can be discovered with the Help menu once the program is started.


-help show top-level help -version display the Aladin release number -local skip internet connectivity tests (off-line usage) -screen=full|cinema|preview|frame start in full-screen, cinema, preview, or other visual modes. -script=cmd1;cmd2;... script commands passed on the command-line -nogui script-mode. Does not use graphical user interface. Equivalent to -noplugin -nohub -[no]hub disable/enable starting the internal SAMP communcations hub for sharing data with other astronomical applications -[no]plugin disable/enable plugin support Debugging Options -[no]beta disable/enable features that currently in beta-test -[no]proto disable/enable prototype feature. Useful for testing or when performing demonstra‐ tions -trace debugging trace mode -debug debugging extra verbose mode HiPS command parameters The -hipsgen command allows a script-/command-line based Hierarchical Progressive Surveys (HiPS) generation. The options can be given on the command line, or in a config file (param=configfile). Additional parameters may be retrieved with the command aladin -hips‐ gen -h. in=dir|file Source image directory (FITS or JPEG|PNG +hhh or HiPS) or unique image or HEALPix map file (required parameter) out=dir HiPS target directory (default $PWD+"HiPS") obs_title=name Name of the survey (by default, input directory name) creator_did=id HiPS identifier (syntax: [ivo://]AUTHORITY/internalID) hips_creator=name Name of the person or institute who builds the HiPS hips_status=private|public clonable|clonableOnce|unclonable HiPS status (default: public clonableOnce) hdu=n1,n2-n3,...|all List of HDU numbers (0 is the primary HDU - default is 0) blank=nn Specifical BLANK value skyval=key|auto|%info|%min %max FITS key to use for removing a sky background, or auto detection or percents of pixel histogram kept (central ex 99, or min max ex 0.3 99.7) color=jpeg|png The source images are colored images (jpg or png) and the tiles will be produced in jpeg (resp. png) shape=ellipse|rectangle Shape of the observations border=... Margins (in pixels) to ignore in the original observations (N W S E or constant) fov=true|x1,y1.. Observed regions by files.fov or global polygon (in FITS convention). pilot=nnn Pilot test limited to the nnn first original images. verbose=n Debug information from -1 (nothing) to 4 (a lot) -live incremental HiPS (keep weight associated to each HiPS pixel) -f clear previous computations -n Just print process information, but do not execute it. MOC command parameters The -mocgen command generates the MOC (Multi Object Coverage Map) corresponding to a col‐ lection of images or WCS headers. A MOC is a a coverage map based on HEALPix sky tessela‐ tion. The supported formats are: FITS files, MEF files, jpeg or png files (WCS header in the comment segment), .hhh file (FITS header files without pixels) and .txt simple ASCII file (FITS header as keyword = value basic ASCII lines). -v Verbose mode -strict Scan pixel values instead of using WCS image coverage blank=value Alternate BLANK value (-strict only) order=nn MOC resolution (default 10 => 3.345') mocfmt=fits|json MOC output format (default FITS) previous=moc.fits Previous MOC (if additions) hdu=n1,n2-n3|all List of concerned FITS extensions -r Recursive directory scanning -o Output MOC updated continuously rather than generated at the end in=fileOrDir Directory of images/headers collection out=outMoc.fits Output MOC file -d Debug trace


Aladin is able to process the following file formats: images FITS (gzipped,RICE,MEF,...), HEALPix maps, JPEG,GIF,PNG tables FITS, XML/VOTable, CSV, TSV, S-extractor, IPAC-TBL, Skycat or ASCII tables graphics Aladin or IDL or DS9 regions, MOCs directories HiPS (Hierarchical Progressive Surveys) Aladin backups Files with "*.aj" extension Aladin scripts Files with "*.ajs" extension


Aladin was written by Pierre Fernique (Aladin Desktop core base & documentations), Thomas Boch (many advanced Aladin Desktop features), Anaïs Oberto (RGB support, HiPS prototypes), François Bonnarel (Image calibration), and Chaitra (TAP,SIAv2 implementation).
Copyright © 1999-2017 Universite de Strasbourg / Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS/CNRS) Aladin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License. If the Aladin Sky Atlas was helpful for your research work, the following citation would be appreciated: This research has made use of "Aladin sky atlas" developed at CDS, Stras‐ bourg Observatory, France. 2000A&AS..143...33B and 2014ASPC..485..277B.



The user manual is available in PDF format in french language at An older version is available in english:
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