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Make a web photo album.



album - Make a web photo album


album [album options]


album is an HTML photo album generator that supports themes. It takes a directory of images and creates all the thumbnails and HTML that you need. It's fast, easy to use, and very powerful. Place your photos in a new directory somewhere inside your web pages. Then run "album" from a command-line prompt with the directory path as an argument, and that's it. To use themes, make sure the "Themes" directory is inside your web path, and then use the -theme option.


There are three types of options. Boolean options, string/num options and array options. Boolean options can be turned off by prepending -no_: % album -no_image_pages String and number values are specified after a string option: % album -type gif % album -columns 5 Array options can be specified two ways, with one argument at a time: % album -exif hi -exif there Or multiple arguments using the '--' form: % album --exif hi there -- You can remove specific array options with -no_<option>: % album -no_exif hi Or clear all the array options with -clear_<option>: % album -clear_exif Boolean options: % album -q, -d, -D, -dtheme, -Dtheme, -virgin_check, -save_conf, -configure, -crf, -list_options, -image_pages, -thumbs, -dir_thumbs, -just_medium, -slideshow, -embed, -clean, -image_headers, -album_captions, -folder_count, -caption_edit, -file_sizes, -fix_urls, -known_images, -all, -hashes, -reverse_sort, -case_sort, -image_loop, -burn, -crop, -force, -force_html, -sample, -animated_gifs, -use_tcap String/number options: % album -thumb_post, -medium, -captions, -top, -sort, -body, -charset, -force_charset, -index, -default_index, -html, -type, -medium_type, -CROP, -dir, -sharpen, -plugin_post, -theme, -theme_url, -convert, -identify, -jhead, -ffmpeg, -conf_file, -dev_null, -windows, -cygwin, -tcap, -tcap_out, -cmdproxy, -header, -footer, -credit, -no_album, -hide_album, -not_img Array options: % album --lang_path, --exif, --exif_album, --exif_image, --add, --scale_opts, --medium_scale_opts, --thumb_scale_opts, --data_path, --plugin_path, --theme_path OPTION DESCRIPTIONS -h Show usage -more To show more options. -usage=level Show usage as deep as you like. -lang=lang Specify language(s) -list_langs List out full language information -make_lang=lang Print out a new language file -list_html_trans List HTML translations for each language Useful for creating multi-lingual images for themes Output is in HTML and utf-8, change charset as needed --lang_path=strings Add a path to search for language files [Default @DATA_PATH/lang] -q Be quiet [Default OFF] -d Set debug mode [Default OFF] -D Heavy debug mode [Default OFF] -dtheme Theme debug mode [Default OFF] -Dtheme Theme heavy debug mode [Default OFF] -conf=file Read a .conf file -virgin_check Do the virgin check to see if you've run album before [Default ON] -save_conf Save album.conf files in photo album [Default ON] -configure Setup initial album site configuration [Default OFF] -version Display program version info -mv Move imgs across albums: see 'album -plugin_info utils/mv' -create_plugin Create plugin: see 'album -plugin_info utils/create_plugin' Album Options: -crf Album hash output in computer readable format [Default OFF] -list_options Show default options and values for a given album [Default OFF] -image_pages Create a page for each image [Default ON] -thumbs Images have thumbnails [Default ON] -dir_thumbs Directories have thumbnail (if supported by theme) [Default ON] -thumb_post=string Additional postfix for thumbnails. -medium=geom Generate medium size images -just_medium Don't link to full-size images [Default OFF] -slideshow Slideshow capabilities (only with some themes) [Default OFF] -embed Use image pages for non-picture image pages [Default ON] -columns Number of image columns [Default 4] -clean Remove unused thumbnails [Default OFF] -captions=string Specify captions filename [Default captions.txt] -image_headers Show header.txt on image pages (default theme only) [Default OFF] -album_captions Also show captions on album page [Default ON] -folder_count Show folder/image counts for each album [Default ON] -caption_edit Add comment tags so that caption_edit.cgi will work [Default OFF] --exif=fmt Append exif info to captions. Use %key 0n fmt string Example: -exif "<br>Camera: %Camera model%" If any %keys% are not found by jhead, nothing is appended. --exif_album=fmt -exif for just album pages --exif_image=fmt -exif for just image pages -file_sizes Show image file sizes [Default OFF] -fix_urls Encode unsafe chars as 0x in URLs [Default ON] -known_images Only include known image types [Default ON] -top=string URL for 'Back' link on top page [Default ../] -all Do not hide files/directories starting with '.' [Default OFF] --add=dir Add a new directory to the album it's been placed in -depth Depth to descend directories (default infinite [-1]) [Default -1] -follow_symlinks Dereference symbolic links [Default ON] -hashes Show hash marks while generating thumbnails [Default ON] -name_length Limit length of image/dir names [Default 40] -sort=string Sort type, captions, name, date, EXIF date ('exif') [Default captions] -reverse_sort Sort in reverse [Default OFF] -case_sort Use case sensitive sorting when sorting names [Default OFF] -body=string Specify <body> tags for non-theme output [Default <body>] -charset=str Charset for non-theme and some theme output This is also set by using language files (with -lang) -force_charset=str Force charset (not overridden by languages) -image_loop Do first and last image pages loop around? [Default ON] -burn Setup an album to burn to CD Implies '-index index.html' and '-no_theme_url' [Default OFF] -index=file Select the default 'index.html' to use. For file://, try '-index index.html' to add 'index.html' to index links. -default_index=file The file the webserver accesses when when no file is specified. [Default index.html] -html=post Default postfix for HTML files [Default .html] Thumbnail Options: -geometry=<X>x<Y> Size of thumbnail [Default 133x133] -type=string Thumbnail type (gif, jpg, tiff,...) [Default jpg] -medium_type=string Medium type (default is same type as full image) -crop Crop the image to fit thumbnail size otherwise aspect will be maintained [Default OFF] -CROP=string Force cropping to be top, bottom, left or right -dir=string Thumbnail directory [Default tn] -force Force overwrite of existing thumbnails and HTML otherwise they are only written when changed [Default OFF] -force_html Force rewrite of HTML [Default OFF] -sample Use 'convert -sample' for thumbnails (faster, low quality) [Default OFF] -sharpen=<radius>x<sigma> Sharpen after scaling -animated_gifs Take first frame of animated gifs (only some systems) [Default OFF] --scale_opts=strings Options for convert (use '--' for mult) --medium_scale_opts=strings List of medium convert options --thumb_scale_opts=strings List of thumbnail convert options Plugin and Theme Options: --data_path=strings Path for themes, plugins, language files, etc... [Default /etc/album /usr/share/album /home/dave/.album] -plugin=plugin Load a plugin -plugin_usage=plugin Show usage for a plugin -plugin_info=plugin Print info for a specific plugins --plugin_path=strings Add a path to search for plugins. [Default @DATA_PATH/plugins] -plugin_post=string Default postfix for plugins [Default .alp] -list_plugins Print info for all known plugins -list_plugins_crf Print info for all plugins in computer readable format -list_hooks Show all known plugin hooks (for developers) -hook_info=hook Show hook info for a specific hook (for developers) -theme=dir Specify a theme directory -theme_url=url In case you want to refer to the theme by absolute URL --theme_path=dir Directories that contain themes [Default /data/proj/album/Themes /data/proj/album/Themes] -list_themes Show available themes Paths: -convert=string Path to convert (ImageMagick) [Default convert] -identify=string Path to identify (ImageMagick) [Default identify] -jhead=string Path to jhead (extracts exif info) [Default jhead] -ffmpeg=string Path to ffmpeg (extracting movie frames) [Default ffmpeg] -conf_file=string Conf filename for album configurations [Default album.conf] -conf_version Configuration file version -dev_null=string Throwaway temp file [Default /dev/null] -windows=string Are we (unfortunately) running windows? -cygwin=string Are we using the Cygwin environment? -use_tcap Use tcap? (win98) [Default OFF] -tcap=string Path to tcap (win98) [Default tcap] -tcap_out=string tcap output file (win98) [Default atrash.tmp] -cmdproxy=string Path to cmdproxy (tcap helper for long lines) [Default cmdproxy] -header=string Path to header file [Default header.txt] -footer=string Path to footer file [Default footer.txt] -credit=string Credit line to add to the bottom of every album -no_album=string Ignore dir/file if dir/file.no_album exists [Default .no_album] -hide_album=string Ignore and don't display these files [Default .hide_album] -not_img=string Don't treat these files as images [Default .not_img]


HOME Home directory for finding user-specific configuration files (.albumrc) DOT Instead of looking for .albumrc, album also looks for $DOT/album.conf (I'm not a big fan of .dotfiles cluttering my home directory). tcap Set/overwritten by the Win98 version of album for tcap arguments.


/etc/album/album.conf /etc/album.conf Site-specific configuration $HOME/.albumrc $HOME/.album.conf $DOT/album.conf User-specific configuration <album>/album.conf Album-specific configuration. Will be modified with any new command-line options! <album>/header.txt <album>/footer.txt <album>/captions.txt <album>/.no_album <album>/<image>.no_album <album>/.hide_album <album>/<image>.hide_album <album>/<image>.not_img Specifies album information


ImageMagick(1), jhead(1), ffmpeg(1)


David Ljung Madison <>
album v4.15 2016-04-19 ALBUM(1)
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