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Collection of useful tools for Allegro 4 developers.

26 April 2012
ALLEGRO(1)                                    4.4.2                                    ALLEGRO(1)


allegro-dev-tools - collection of useful tools for Allegro 4 developers


colormap [OPTIONS] dat [OPTIONS] dat2c [OPTIONS] dat2s [OPTIONS] exedat [OPTIONS] grabber [OPTIONS] pack [OPTIONS] pat2dat [OPTIONS] rgbmap [OPTIONS] textconv [OPTIONS]


The listed tools are distributed with the Allegro 4 package to help developers on their work. They are intended to prepare some data (pat2dat, rgbmap, textconf) or create and manage data files that are used by the Allegro library (dat, dat2c, dat2s, exedat, grab‐ ber, pack). Call this programs from the command line to print some help about their usage.


allegro-config(1) The allegro info entry Additional documentation and example files are contained in the allegro4-doc package on Debian systems.
This manual page was written by Eduard Bloch <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
Version 26 April 2012 ALLEGRO(1)
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