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Cleanup holding disk directory.

AMCLEANUPDISK(8)                  System Administration Commands                 AMCLEANUPDISK(8)

NAME amcleanupdisk - cleanup holding disk directory
SYNOPSIS amcleanupdisk [-r] [-v] config
DESCRIPTION Amcleanupdisk list and/or remove invalid file from the holding disk directories. This program is run by amcleanup. See the amanda(8) man page for more details about Amanda.
OPTIONS -r Remove invalid file from holding disk. -v Generate verbose output.
EXAMPLES This example runs the Amanda holding disk cleanup process. % amcleanupdisk daily -v -r
SEE ALSO amanda(8), amcleanup(8), amdump(8) The Amanda Wiki: :
AUTHORS James da Silva <> Stefan G. Weichinger <>
Amanda 3.3.6 07/11/2014 AMCLEANUPDISK(8)
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