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AMQP-DELETE-QUEUE(1) - Linux manual page online | User commands

Delete a queue from an AMQP server.

amqp-delete-queue(1) General Commands Manual amqp-delete-queue(1)


amqp-delete-queue — Delete a queue from an AMQP server


amqp-delete-queue OPTION -q queue name Description amqp-delete-queue deletes a queue from an AMQP server, and exits after printing to stan‐ dard output the number of messages that were in the queue at the time of its deletion. Options -q --queue=queue name The name of the queue to delete. Exit Status If the queue was successfully deleted, the exit status is 0. If an error occurs, the exit status is 1. Examples Delete the queue ``myqueue'' at a moment when it has 123 messages waiting on it:" 10 $ amqp-delete-queue -q myqueue See also librabbitmq-tools(7) describes connection-related options common to all the RabbitMQ C Client tools.
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