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Automake replacement.

Apr 13, 2011
AMR(1)                             BSD General Commands Manual                             AMR(1)


amr — automake replacement


amr [-acmrshv]


AMR allows you to autogenerate sample/final Makefiles. This allows you to maintain all the makefiles of your project in a simple and centralized way. You'll probably need to use AMR for the initial port to acr for you applications. AMR is on early and experimental stage. So you'll probably find a lot of problems, bugs and missfeatures. Please feel free to documentate, and send patches and ideas for it.


AMR allows you to create different kind autogenerated ACR files: configure.amr, config‐ ure.acr, Makefile.acr. -a Scan source code files recursively from the current directory and generates a con‐ figure.amr. Is recommended to run this command for each directory where you have source files. (acr -d) -c Parses the configure.amr and prints out a sample configure.acr. -d Reads the configure.amr and prints the directories where you'll need to run amr. You can easily automatize this process in -m Parses configure.amr to generate the Makefile.acr -s Generate shellscripts instead of Makefiles. -r Show report. -h Show help message. -v Prints the version number of AMR.


acr(1) acr-cat(1) configure.acr(5) configure.amr(5)


Written by pancake <>
BSD Apr 13, 2011 BSD
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