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Program to setup initial Amanda configuration.

AMSERVERCONFIG(8) System Administration Commands AMSERVERCONFIG(8)


amserverconfig - program to setup initial Amanda configuration


amserverconfig config [--template template] [--no-vtape] [--tapetype tapetype] [--tpchanger tpchanger] [--tapedev tapedev] [--changerfile changerfile] [--changerdev changerdev] [--labelstr labelstr] [--mailto mailto] [--dumpcycle dumpcycle] [--runspercycle runspercycle] [--runtapes runtapes] [--tapecycle tapecycle] [--help]


After Amanda rpms are successfully installed, amserverconfig will setup initial Amanda configuration files. It will create /var/lib/amanda/guntar-lists directory if one does not exist. amserverconfig does not change existing Amanda configurations. amserverconfig must be run by user backup.


Options may be abbreviated, as long as the abbreviation is not ambiguous. Option argument can either separated by '=' or a space. Example: --templ=harddisk --tapedev /dev/nst0 amserverconfig builds a new "config" Amanda configuration. Customize the configuration with the options below. --template template build Amanda configuration with pre-configured template files. Currently, harddisk, single-tape, tape-changer and S3 are the valid inputs for this option. Pre-configured template files can be found in /var/lib/amanda/template.d. This option may be combined with other options. If tape-changer is chosen for this option, program mtx is required. amserverconfig will search for mtx in the following directory: "/usr/sbin", "/usr/local/sbin", "/usr/local/bin", "/usr/bin", "/bin" and backup's PATH. If harddisk is chosen and --no-vtape is not specified, amserverconfig will create and label virtual tape file://var/lib/amanda/vtapes/$config. --no-vtape Do not create virtual tapes in the harddisk template case. --tapedev tapedev The path name of non-rewinding tape device. default [file://var/lib/amanda/vtapes/$config] --tpchanger tpchanger The name of the tape changer. default [chg-disk] --changerdev changerdev A tape changer configuration parameter. default [/dev/null] --changerfile changerfile A tape changer configuration parameter. default [/etc/amanda/$config/changer.conf] --labelstr labelstr The tape label constraint regular expression. default [^$config-[0-9][0-9]*$] If this option is used with --template=harddisk, only alphanumeric string is supported. --tapetype tapetype The type of tape drive associated with tapedev or tpchanger. default [HARDDISK] --mailto mailto A space separated list of recipients for mail reports. default [backup] --dumpcycle dumpcycle The number of days in the backup cycle. default [1week] --runspercycle runspercycle The number of days in the backup cycle. default [5] --runtapes runtapes The maximum number of tapes used in a single run. default [1] --tapecycle tapecycle The size of tape rotation. default [25] --help Display usage.


/var/lib/amanda/template.d Amanda configuration template files install location /var/lib/amanda backup home directory /var/lib/amanda/gnutar-lists A directory which contains backup timestamp and list of files backed up. /etc/amanda/$config Amanda configuration files location for $config(e.g: DailySet1). /etc/amanda/template.d A directory contains dumptypes and tapetypes files used by all Amanda configurations. /etc/amandates Amanda file on the client. It keeps track of structures of previous dumps. /tmp/amanda directory contains Amanda debug log files.


On success, zero is returned. On error, 1 is returned.


amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), amaddclient(8) The Amanda Wiki: :


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Amanda 3.5.1 12/01/2017 AMSERVERCONFIG(8)
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