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Anagram generator.

AN(6)                                      Games Manual                                     AN(6)

NAME an - Anagram generator
SYNOPSIS an [-w] [-c string] [-d dictionary] [-l number_words] [-m word_length] [-u string] [-n number_anagrams] [-h] [-v] [--words] [--contain string] [--dict dictionary] [--length num‐ ber_words] [--minimum word_length] [--used string] [--number number_anagrams] [--help] [--version] PHRASE
DESCRIPTION an finds all anagrams which can be made from the letters in PHRASE, using words in the specified dictionary. The default is to use /usr/share/dict/words.
OPTIONS -w, --words Print words that the letters in PHRASE can make, then exit. -c, --contain string Only print anagrams which contain string. -d, --dict dictionary Use dictionary file to find words which the letters in PHRASE can make. -m, --minimum word_length Only include word which are at least word_length long. -u, --used string Considers that letters in string have already used when analyzing letters in PHRASE. Like --contain but doesn't print out string. -l, --length number_words Finds anagrams which have a maximum of number_words words in them. This is very useful when number of anagrams which are output is large. -n, --number number_anagrams Stops after finding number_anagrams anagrams. -h, --help Print a usage message on standard output, then exit. -v, --version Print version information on standard output, then exit.
EXAMPLE an -c imp 'Paul Martin' Finds anagrams for Paul Martin which contain the word imp.
AUTHOR Paul Martin <>
THANKS Richard Jones ( - Coding and algorithm design of original version. Julian Assange ( - Algorithm design of original version. Please note that the email addresses for Richard and Julian are from over ten years ago and probably no longer work.