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Traditional AI game that learns about animals from the player.

July 2012
ANIMALS(6)                                 Games Manual                                ANIMALS(6)

NAME animals - traditional AI game that learns about animals from the player
SYNOPSIS animals [DatabaseFile [TypeString [PluralTypeString]]] or animals {-h|--help}
DESCRIPTION This manual page documents briefly the animals game. animals is a text-based animal guessing game.
RULES You think of an animal, and hit enter when you have one. Then the game asks you yes-or-no questions that successively narrows down your animal. Eventually, the game will make a guess, and ask you if it was right. If it was wrong, you win! You then teach it about your animal.
FILES /var/games/animals/animals.db
AUTHOR This manual page was originally written by Jim Lynch <> (for the Debian GNU/Linux system). The current Author is Philipp "ph3-der-loewe" Schafft <>.
HISTORY animals was initially released on Fri, 4th of Jun 1999. On Fri, 16th of Jul 2010 the first non Debian native version was released. This was part of the takeover by Philipp Schafft (see AUTHORS) of the Debian as it was orphaned. On Wed, 27th of Jun 2012 he abdi‐ cated Debian maintainership but is still upstream author.
July 2012 ANIMALS(6)