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Part of ANTS registration suite.

August 2017


antsMotionCorrStats - part of ANTS registration suite


COMMAND: antsMotionCorrStats antsMotionCorrStats - create summary measures of the parameters that are output by antsMotionCorr. Currently only works for linear transforms. Outputs the mean and max displacements for the voxels within a provided mask, at each time point. By default the displacements are relative to the reference space, but the framewise option may be used to provide displacements between consecutive time points OPTIONS: -x, --mask mask.nii.gz Mask image - compute displacements within mask. -m, --moco MOCOparams.csv motion correction parameters from antsMotionCorr. -o, --output corrected.csv Specify the output file -t, --transform Specify the index for a 3D transform to output -f, --framewise do framewise summarywise stats <VALUES>: 0 -s, --spatial-map output image of displacement magnitude -d, --timeseries-displacement output 4d time-series image of displacement magnitude -h Print the help menu (short version). <VALUES>: 0 --help Print the help menu. <VALUES>: 1, 0
antsMotionCorrStats 2.2.0 August 2017 ANTSMOTIONCORRSTATS(1)
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