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Fetch eeprom contents from TeleMetrum device.

AO-EEPROM(1) General Commands Manual AO-EEPROM(1)


ao-eeprom - Fetch eeprom contents from TeleMetrum device


ao-eeprom [-T tty-device] [--tty tty-device] [-D altos-device] [--device altos-device]


-T tty-device | --tty tty-device This selects which tty device the debugger uses to communicate with the target device. The special name 'BITBANG' directs ao-dbg to use the cp2103 connection, otherwise this should be a usb serial port connected to a suitable cc1111 debug node. -D AltOS-device | --device AltOS-device Search for a connected device. This requires an argument of one of the following forms: TeleMetrum:2 TeleMetrum 2 Leaving out the product name will cause the tool to select a suitable product, leaving out the serial number will cause the tool to match one of the available devices.


ao-eeprom downloads the eeprom contents from a connected TeleMetrum device.


ao-eeprom connects to the specified target device and dumps each block of the eeprom to stdout in hexidecimal bytes.


Keith Packard
ao-eeprom AO-EEPROM(1)
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