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Handle AOFlagger measurement set quality statistics.

September 2016
AOQUALITY(1) General Commands Manual AOQUALITY(1)


AOQuality - Handle AOFlagger measurement set quality statistics


aoquality <action> [options]


help Get more info about an action (usage: 'aoquality help <action>') collect [-c/-tf/-h] <ms> [quack timesteps] [list of antennae] The collect action will go over a whole measurement set and collect the default statistics. It will write the results in the quality subtables of the main measure‐ ment set. Currently, the default statistics are: RFIRatio, Count, Mean, SumP2, DCount, DMean, DSumP2. The subtables that will be updated are: QUALITY_KIND_NAME, QUALITY_TIME_STATISTIC, QUALITY_FREQUENCY_STATISTIC and QUALITY_BASELINE_STATISTIC. -c will use the CORRECTED_DATA column. and writes them in the quality tables. combine <target_ms> [<in_ms> [<in_ms> ..] This will read all given input measurement sets, combine the statistics and write the results to a target measurement set. The target measurement set should not exist beforehand. histogram <query> <ms> Various histogram actions. Query can be: rfislope - performs linear regression on the part of the histogram that should contain the RFI. Reports one value per polarisation. liststats Display a list of possible statistic kinds. query_b <kind> <ms> Prints the given statistic for each baseline. query_t <kind> <ms> Print the given statistic for each time step. query_f <kind> <ms> Print the given statistic for each frequency. query_g <kind> <ms> Print the given statistic for this measurement set. remove [ms] Completely remove all quality tables from the measurement set. summarize <ms> Gives a summary of the statistics in the measurement set. summarizerfi Give a summary of the rfi statistics. A few actions take a statistic kind. Some common statistic kinds are: StandardDeviation, Variance, Mean, RFIPercentage, RFIRatio, Count. These are case sensitive. Run 'aoquality liststats' for a full list.
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