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Alternative icons for Apache autoindex.

APACHE-ICONS(7) Open Infrastructure APACHE-ICONS(7)


apache-icons - Alternative icons for Apache autoindex


"The Apache HTTP Server is the world’s most used web server software." — Wikipedia ( apache-icons provides alternative icons for Apache autoindex.


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SOURCE 1. sudo apt install asciidoc git docbook-xml docbook-xsl libxml2-utils make xsltproc imagemagick librsvg2-bin 2. git clone 3. cd apache-icons && sudo make install DEBIAN 9 (STRETCH) AND NEWER · sudo apt install apache-icons UBUNTU 16.10 (YAKKETY) AND NEWER · sudo apt install apache-icons


Bug reports, feature requests, help, patches, support and everything else are welcome on the Open Infrastructure Software Mailing List: · Please base patches against the next Git branch using common sense: · Debian specific bugs can also be reported in the Debian Bug Tracking System: ·


Changing from one icon set to the other requires a reload of the apache webserver.


The default icon theme is determined by the /usr/share/apache-icons/default (and /usr/share/apache-icons/default.conf respectivly) file. On Debian based system "sudo update-alternatives --config apache-icons" can be used to automatically select the active icon theme (including the default apache icons). The following themes are available: · awesome-png: Font Awesome based, PNG format · awesome-svg: Font Awesome based, SVG format · tango-png: Tango Icons based, PNG format · tango-svg: Tango Icons based, SVG format The SVG themes are preferable because they are sharper and scale losless. They require somewhat modern browsers though. An example of the tango-svg theme can be seen on
Font Awesome: Tango Desktop Project:


· Daniel Baumann <>
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