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Generate a mail listing packages which are pending an upgrade.

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NAME apticron - Generate a mail listing packages which are pending an upgrade
SYNOPSIS apticron [--cron]
DESCRIPTION apticron is a shell script which generates a mail with a list of all packages currently pending an upgrade, as well as summary of changes - using apt-listchanges - to a configā€ urable Email address. apticron is mainly intended for automatic notification of pending security updates but can also be used in many other situations where timely updates are necessary. The --cron option is only meant to be used when invoked by cron in order to run no more than once a day.
FILES /etc/apticron/apticron.conf Configuration file, Email address to mail and profile for use with apt-listchanges are configurable. /etc/cron.d/apticron Cron job for executing apticron daily. /etc/cron.daily/apticron Fallback cron script for executing apticron (if no crond running or system down at designated time). /var/lib/apticron/cron_run Time stamp file used by apticron when invoked with --cron option.
SEE ALSO apt-get(8), apt-listchanges(1), cron(8)
AUTHOR Apticron was initially developed by Colm MacCarthaigh <> with contributions from Marc Sherman <>. Since 2006 it is maintained and improved by Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <>.
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