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ARC authplugin to store BLAH accouting logs about FINISHED jobs.

arc-blahp-logger(8) NorduGrid Toolkit arc-blahp-logger(8)


arc-blahp-logger - ARC authplugin to store BLAH accouting logs about FINISHED jobs


ARC BLAH logger is an authplugin to store FINISHED jobs information in log files used by BLAH parser. Generated logs can be used by APEL/DGAS client tools to send accounting information.


arc-blahp-logger -I <jobID> -U <user> -P <proxy file> -L <job status file> [-c <ceid pre‐ fix>] [-p <log prefix> ] [-d <log level>]


-I jobID A-REX job identifier -U user local account that own the job files and processes -P user proxy path to user proxy certificate file to get VOMS membership info -L job status file A-REX jobstatus .local file containint more info about job (like LRMS id) -c ceid prefix prefix to generate CE ID in accordance to GLUE1.3 publishing -p log prefix logs location and filename prefix. Default is /var/log/arc/accounting/blahp.log -d loglevel logging level from 0(ERROR) to 5(DEBUG) ENABLING PLUGIN IN A-REX CONFIGURATION You need to add BLAH logger plugin as a handler for FINISHED state, e.g.: authplugin="FINISHED timeout=10,onfailure=pass /usr/libexec/arc/arc-blahp-logger -I %I -U %u -L %C/job.%I.local -P %C/job.%I.proxy"


There are no particular plugin configuration except passing correct options. By default BLAH log is written to /var/log/arc/accounting/blahp.log-YYYYMMDD. The log prefix (without -YYYYMMDD) can be redefined with optional -p option. CE ID is generated automatically and has a format host.fqdn:2811/nordugrid-torque-queue in accordance to GLUE1.3 publishing. Queue is added in runtime anyway, but prefix can be redefined with -c option. This option should be added in case of LRMS. To debug logger execution you can add -d 5 option and see all ARC logger output from all subsystems used.


Andrii Salnikov <manf at grid dot org dot ua>
NorduGrid 5.4.2 2014-02-20 arc-blahp-logger(8)
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