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Detect hardware architecture.

January 10, 2011
ARCHDETECT(1)                     Debian General Commands Manual                    ARCHDETECT(1)

NAME archdetect — detect hardware architecture
SYNOPSIS archdetect [-g]
DESCRIPTION archdetect displays the current machine architecture and subarchitecture. The architecture corresponds to that built into dpkg, and describes the CPU (and possibly kernel) types; the subarchitecture distinguishes machines with different boot arrangements that require special handling. The following option is available: -g When bringing up new subarchitectures, archdetect may not yet have been taught about this specific machine. This option asks that archdetect try to guess a generic subar‐ chitecture that may be compatible with this machine. This is only necessary on cer‐ tain architectures, and simply has no effect elsewhere.
AUTHORS archdetect was written by the Debian Installer team.
Debian January 10, 2011 Debian