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Functions for creating archives.

February 2, 2012
ARCHIVE_WRITE_NEW(3)               BSD Library Functions Manual              ARCHIVE_WRITE_NEW(3)

NAME archive_write_new — functions for creating archives
LIBRARY Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive)
SYNOPSIS #include <archive.h> struct archive * archive_write_new(void);
DESCRIPTION Allocates and initializes a struct archive object suitable for writing a tar archive. NULL is returned on error. A complete description of the struct archive object can be found in the overview manual page for libarchive(3).
SEE ALSO tar(1), libarchive(3), archive_write(3), archive_write_set_options(3), cpio(5), mtree(5), tar(5)
BSD February 2, 2012 BSD
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archive_write_new(3) referred by archive_write(3) | archive_write_open(3)
refer to archive_write(3) | archive_write_set_options(3) | cpio(5) | libarchive(3) | mtree(5) | tar(1) | tar(5)