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Run a program with a specified 0th argument.

argv0(1)                             General Commands Manual                             argv0(1)

NAME argv0 - run a program with a specified 0th argument
SYNOPSIS argv0 realname zero [ arg ... ]
DESCRIPTION argv0 runs the program stored as realname on disk, with the given arguments. It sets the 0th argument of the program to zero. For example, argv0 /bin/csh -bin/csh runs /bin/csh with a 0th argument of -bin/csh. csh will think it is a login shell and behave accordingly. argv0 can be used to run some inetd wrappers under tcpserver.
SEE ALSO csh(1), tcpserver(1), execve(2), execvp(3), inetd(8)
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argv0(1) referred by fixcrio(1) | ngetty(8) | tcpcat(1) | tcpserver(1)
refer to exec(3) | execve(2) | inetd(8) | tcpserver(1)