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Advanced Strategic Command weaponguide generator.

asc_weaponguide(6)                         Games Manual                        asc_weaponguide(6)

NAME asc - Advanced Strategic Command weaponguide generator
SYNTAX asc_weaponguide [options]
DESCRIPTION This program generates html files that document ASCs units. It is a part of Advanced Strategic Command game.
OPTIONS The following options are supported: -c --configfile <string> Use given configuration file -r --verbose <value> (0...10 default=0) Set verbosity level to <value> -d --directory <string> Place all output files in different directory -l --linkdir <string> Relative directory for the menu links -s --set <value> (0... default=0) Only use unitset with given ID -i --image Generate images for units (Linux only) -z --imgsize <value> (0... default=48) Size of unit images -f --framename <string> (default=main) Name of the main frame -t --style <string> (default=../../ug.css) Name of the main pages' stylesheet -m --menustyle <string> (default=asc.css) Name of the menu stylesheet -h --help Display help information -v --version Output version
SEE ALSO asc (6) asc_demount (6), asc_makegfx (6), asc_mapedit (6), asc_mount (6),
AUTHORS The ASC game is developed by Martin Bickel <>. This man page was written by Bartosz Fenski <> (some parts were grabbed from Michael Moerz's work) for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but it may be used by oth‐ ers).
1.15.0 asc_weaponguide(6)