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Obliterate each other with oversize weapons.

17 April 2004
t. ATANKS(6) atanks ATANKS(6)


atanks - obliterate each other with oversize weapons


atanks [options]


Atomic Tanks is a multi-player game in which you attempt to destroy other tanks while try‐ ing to protect your own. You earn money for destroying other tanks; with this money you can buy upgrades and better weapons for your tank. This game is similar Scorched Earth or the Worms series of games.


-v, --verbose display extra information while running -h display a brief message showing which options can be used -fs run Atomic Tanks in full screen mode --windowed run Atomic Tanks in a window (this is the default) -d, --depth 16|32 set th the color depth to either 16 or 32 bits -w, --width width set the window width (default is 800) --height height set the window height (default is 600)


Atomic Tanks was written by Tom Hudson <>. This manual page was written by Graham Wilson <> for the Debian project, but may be used by others.
17 April 2004 ATANKS(6)
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