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Show ATM device driver diagnostics.

April 26, 2000
ATMDIAG(8)                             Maintenance Commands                            ATMDIAG(8)

NAME atmdiag - show ATM device driver diagnostics
SYNOPSIS atmdiag [-z] [interface...]
DESCRIPTION atmdiag shows statistic counters maintained by ATM device drivers. If one or more interÔÇÉ face numbers are specified, the statistics of only these interfaces are shown. Otherwise, statistics of all interfaces are displayed. The following counters are shown for each AAL: TX_okay number of successfully sent PDUs. TX_err number of PDUs not sent because of errors. RX_okay number of successfully received PDUs. RX_err number of PDUs discarded because of errors. RX_drop number of PDUs dropped because of lack of memory.
OPTIONS -z zero all counters after showing them.
AUTHOR Werner Almesberger, EPFL ICA <>
SEE ALSO atmdump(8), sonetdiag(8)
Linux April 26, 2000 ATMDIAG(8)
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