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Plugin for remote logging.

July 2016
AUDISP-REMOTE:(8) System Administration Utilities AUDISP-REMOTE:(8)


audisp-remote - plugin for remote logging




audisp-remote is a plugin for the audit event dispatcher daemon, audispd, that preforms remote logging to an aggregate logging server.


If you are aggregating multiple machines, you should enable node information and enriched events in the audit event stream. You can do this in one of two places. If you want com‐ puter node names written to disk as well as sent in the realtime event stream, edit the name_format option in /etc/audit/auditd.conf. This is the best option for enriched events. If you only want the node names in the realtime event stream, then edit the name_format option in /etc/audisp/audispd.conf. Do not enable both as it will put 2 node fields in the event stream.


SIGUSR1 Causes the audisp-remote program to write the value of some of its internal flags to syslog. The suspend flag tells whether or not logging has been suspended. The remote_ended flage tells if the connection was broken by the server saying it can't log events. The transport_ok flag tells whether or not the connection to the remote server is healthy. The queue_size tells how many records are enqueued to be sent to the remote server. SIGUSR2 Causes the audisp-remote program to resume logging if it were suspended due to an error.


/etc/audisp/plugins.d/au-remote.conf, /etc/audit/auditd.conf, /etc/audisp/audispd.conf, /etc/audisp/audisp-remote.conf


audispd(8), auditd.conf(8), audispd.conf(8), audisp-remote.conf(5).


Steve Grubb
Red Hat July 2016 AUDISP-REMOTE:(8)
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