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A program similar to lastlog.

Feb 2009
AULASTLOG:(8)                    System Administration Utilities                    AULASTLOG:(8)

NAME aulastlog - a program similar to lastlog
SYNOPSIS aulastlog [ options ]
DESCRIPTION aulastlog is a program that prints out the last login for all users of a machine similar to the way lastlog does. The login-name, port, and last login time will be printed. If the user has never logged in, the message ** Never logged in** will be displayed instead of the port and time.
OPTIONS -u, --user Print the lastlog record for user with specified LOGIN only. --stdin Use stdin as the source of audit records.
SEE ALSO lastlog(8), ausearch(8), aureport(8).
AUTHOR Steve Grubb
Red Hat Feb 2009 AULASTLOG:(8)
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