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Exceptions from autodying system().

autodie::exception::system(3pm)User Contributed Perl Documentationautodie::exception::system(3pm)

NAME autodie::exception::system - Exceptions from autodying system().
SYNOPSIS eval { use autodie qw(system); system($cmd, @args); }; if (my $E = $@) { say "Ooops! ",$E->caller," had problems: $@"; }
DESCRIPTION This is a autodie::exception class for failures from the "system" command. Presently there is no way to interrogate an "autodie::exception::system" object for the command, exit status, and other information you'd expect such an object to hold. The interface will be expanded to accommodate this in the future. stringify When stringified, "autodie::exception::system" objects currently use the message generated by IPC::System::Simple.
LICENSE Copyright (C)2008 Paul Fenwick This is free software. You may modify and/or redistribute this code under the same terms as Perl 5.10 itself, or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5.
AUTHOR Paul Fenwick <>
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