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Skip a package when throwing autodie exceptions.

autodie::skip(3pm)             User Contributed Perl Documentation             autodie::skip(3pm)

NAME autodie::skip - Skip a package when throwing autodie exceptions
SYNPOSIS use parent qw(autodie::skip);
DESCRIPTION This dummy class exists to signal that the class inheriting it should be skipped when reporting exceptions from autodie. This is useful for utility classes like Path::Tiny that wish to report the location of where they were called on failure. If your class has a better way of doing roles, then you should not load this class and instead simply say that your class DOES "autodie::skip" instead.
AUTHOR Copyright 2013, Paul Fenwick <>
LICENSE This module is free software. You may distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.
SEE ALSO autodie, autodie::exception
perl v5.22.1 2015-12-25 autodie::skip(3pm)