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Autopkgtest virtualisation server using a schroot.

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autopkgtest-schroot - autopkgtest virtualisation server using a schroot


autopkgtest [...] -- schroot [options] schroot-name


autopkgtest-schroot provides an autopkgtest virtualisation server using a schroot. Nor‐ mally autopkgtest-schroot will be invoked by autopkgtest. The schroot name to use must be specified. Only use this with schroots that provide tem‐ porary sessions, i. e. with type=file or type=directory and a configured union-type. autopkgtest-schroot will refuse to work with a static "directory" type schroot. You can use mk-sbuild(1) to conveniently create schroots.


If you can access the schroot as your user (according to the schroot's users/groups con‐ figuration), you should run autopkgtest-schroot (and autopkgtest itself) as normal user, too. autopkgtest-schroot reads the schroot configuration (root-users/root-groups) to determine whether it can enter the schroot as root user; if so, it sets the root-on-testbed capabil‐ ity and you can run tests which require building or running as root. If your user is not allowed to do that, you need to run autopkgtest as root instead.


-s ID | --session-id=ID Use a custom schroot session ID. This allows the user to easily identify hung ses‐ sions in schroot --list --all-sessions. -d | --debug Enables debugging output. INPUT, OUTPUT AND EXIT STATUS The behaviour of autopkgtest-schroot is as described by the AutomatedTesting virtualisa‐ tion regime specification.


autopkgtest(1), autopkgtest-virt-null(1), schroot(1), mk-sbuild(1).
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