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Configuration file for Away.

November 2000
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awayrc - configuration file for Away


An away configuration file consists of a series of commands. Each line of the file may contain only one command. Command names are case-insensitive. Commands and arguments are separated by spaces. The hash mark, or pound sign ("#"), is used as a comment character. You can use it to annotate your configuration file. All text after the comment character to the end of the line is ignored. Take note that if any mailboxes are configured in the rc file, they will be the only mail‐ boxes checked, which means that you must add your inbox--the $MAIL environment variable will be ignored.


mail VALUE This command allows the user to disable or enable the checking of the user's mail‐ boxes. If mail checking is disabled, all mailbox and maildir commands are ignored. VALUE can be 0, 1, no, or yes. The default value is 'yes'. mailbox FILENAME A file that should be checked for "new mail." The filename will be appended to the previous maildir declaration. An optional description of the mailbox may be sup‐ plied. If the description contains a space, the entire description must be enclosed in braces, "{" and "}". maildir DIRECTORY A path where subsequent mailbox declarations will be located. The only argument is the path itself. persist VALUE This command will set whether to do persistent mail checking. VALUE can be 0, 1, no, or yes. The default value is 'yes'. time SECONDS This command will set the number of seconds that away sleeps before performing its background tasks. Presently, the only background task that away will perform is the checking of mailboxes. The SECONDS value must be more than the minimum, which set at compile time. The only argument is the number of seconds. The default value is 300.


# check mailboxes mail yes # check mail every 60 seconds time 60 # do not do persistent checking persist no # inbox maildir /var/spool/mail mailbox johndoe {your Inbox} # procmail folders maildir /home/johndoe/mail mailbox linux-security {Linux Security} mailbox mutt-announce {Mutt Announce}


~/.awayrc Per user configuration file.


Bug reports should be sent to the away mailing list <>.




Cameron Moore <>, and others.
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